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Live Journal Fit Club

Live Journal Fit Club: Lose weight with supportive
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This community is to help LJ friends lose weight in a healthy manner while getting the proper support from a fun, caring group of friends. You do not need to know anyone in particular to join, and advertising of ths community is NOT required.

  • Each member must honestly "weigh in" once a week - meaning you're trusted to use your own scale and not lie about the numbers! We're all in on this together.

  • Sharing of healthy recipes is encouraged!

  • Sharing of workout routines is encouraged!

  • There will be weekly weight loss topics for people to share their thoughts on.

  • THERE IS A ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY FOR NAY-SAYERS!!! (Don't you just love the word nay-sayers?) What this means is while we can have fun and joke around, do not be negative to others; insults and put-downs are strictly prohibited & being cruel is grounds for immediate termination of membership.

    Bulemia and anorexia are also not encouraged here. If you are coming here to promote either of those diseases, please leave and take your opinions elsewhere. If you're here because you have a problem and want help, you've come to the right place - you will be taken care of!

    Fad diets are not exactly encouraged, however if it works for you & it's not a big health risk, go for it and share your experiences with us!

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    More to come...